Skateboards, Skills And Riders

Skateboards, Skills And Riders

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A skate park is nothing neither more nor less than an athletic facility specifically for skateboarders, in-line skaters, and freestyle BMX riders. There are at least 533 in the US. California, with sixty-eight, has more than any other state; Colorado comes in as second with twenty-six, and Florida with twenty-five. So what does a skatepark offer? Most importantly, it offers a place for skateboarders to meet, perform their skills, and relax in a safe environment.

Most offer a variety of surfaces for different skill levels, from a kiddie course, through a main street course, to a 스포츠중계 vertical ramp and bowl for the most skilled. Usually, a skatepark needs between 18,000 and 25,000 square feet in order to meet all skill levels. In beginner areas, individuals with limited or even no experience can practice out of the way of intermediate and advanced skaters; the beginner areas can feature small hips, moguls, banks, curbs, and rail slides.

The skatepark designers association recommends that parks include street elements such as ledges, stairs, and rails familiar to non-skaters, to allow skaters to practice in safety. Not only will a place to skate, skateparks offer...

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