The Benefits of Lasik Eye Surgery

The Benefits of Lasik Eye Surgery

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One of the most difficult you can take in life is an eye surgery. There are many options, Lasek surgery or even Lasik surgery, so today I want to explain you about the differences of this type of prodedures

Laser eye surgery prices can depend a lot on the location of the eye care center where the surgery is being performed. As with all products and services, this variation has a lot to do with the idea of supply and demand. To be safe you need to find xperienced leading surgeons, safe sophisticated equipment and the highest standards.

Patients who are not qualified for the Lasik surgery may qualify for Lasek surgery. This type of surgery is done by cutting the 인천홈타이 outer layer of the cornea. Patients who are unable to cooperate or follow commands, including patients with dementia, nystagmus, deafness or inability to communicate because of language, do better under a regional block with IV sedation. Patients with these risk factors are more likely to experience complications with traditional LASIK surgery. This procedure allows a surgeon to use a fine tool (trephine) instead of the microkeratome to cut the corneal flap needed to perform laser surgery.


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